Triple Frontier (2019)

As the hardest working UK script consultant and script writer for hire in the business, I found myself watching Triple Frontier (2019) on NetFlix this week, in fact, I’ve watched it twice in the last seven days.  Did I enjoy it?  Read on to find out…

This film was directed by J.C Chandor, the person who made ‘A Most Violent Year’ back in 2014, a film which promised much, looked great, but ultimately had nothing much else to offer.  He also directed ‘Margin Call’ in 2011, another slight film, but dramatically pretty satisfying.

Triple Frontier, is a NetFlix original, more expensively mounted than the first two films, it’s also on a much broader landscape – an action story, involving foreign drugs dealers, a daring robbery and a cross country escape in hard country.

I knew nothing about the film when I started watching it, and I was drawn in and enjoyed the film a lot, it’s a modern update on The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948). It’s not really as original as it thinks, and at times (on the second viewing) I really began to question the logic of the professional soldiers who took on the mission.

The performers are largely very good, even Ben Affleck, who plays someone who looks like pained alcoholic a little too well. The photography is great, and the film has some interesting location production design.

Is there anything more? Something deeper? At times the film hints at the pain of professional soldiers, left hung out to dry at the end of years of service, dutifully fighting bad guys who always seem to win. It’s hinted at, but not explored in any real depth.  Still, the film is watchable, even if it doesn’t quite grasp the drama inherent in the basic material.

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