Self shooting director, cameraman and editor for hire UK

Hi and thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Matthew Cooper and I’m BAFTA nominated TV script writer with credits across ITV (Emmerdale) Channel 4 (Hollyoaks) and the BBC (Eastenders).

Matthew Cooper Script Writer UK Script Consultant
Self shooting director, cameraman and editor for hire UK

As well as being a script writer for hire for over 20 years I’m also a highly competent and professionally trained director and self shooting cameraman and editor. (Keep an eye out for my low budget feature film debut as a director – Markham is set to be released in 2020).

As a director my heroes are John Carpenter (The Fog/Halloween/The Thing era) Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, After Hours, Casino late 80s, early 90s era) , the Francis Ford Coppola who made The Conversation /Apocalypse Now and Rumblefish and of course Stanley Kubrick at his Full Metal Jacket/The Shining/Barry Lyndon/2001 best.

I was trained as a director on the famous BBC directors’ course which I took part in 2006 as part of a Screen Yorkshire talent programme (which resulted in my arty low budget short film Seashell, which was part of the BBC course, and was written, shot, directed and edited and shown to a large audience on the big screen in under five days).

Self shooting director, cameraman and editor for hire UK

I run friendly, collaborative, safe and professional shoots, and enjoy working with actors and improvising performances where needed. I’m an exacting director visually with a strong sense of what I want to see on screen (or what the client wants to see – when I work as a director for hire on marketing videos, adverts, promos, music video and films).

Self shooting director, cameraman and editor for hire UK

I’m a highly proficient cameraperson who works with his own kit (including full lighting rigs and sound equipment). As a cameraperson my heroes are Robbie Muller (The American Friend/ To Live and Die in L.A)  Stephen H Burum (The Untouchables/Carltios’ Way) and Dean Cundey (The Fog /Escape from New York). I’m comfortable shooting 4K and 16mm and even (a guilty pleasure) Super 8mm.

As an editor I cut for action and performance and Im technically skilled at creating fast moving sequences as well as sequences that capture the best nuances from a performance.

You can find some of my work on my Vimeo channel and you can see some of my broadcast credits on the IMDb

Please get in touch at to hire me as a self shooting director and editor.