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Hi and welcome to my website, my name is Matthew Cooper and I’m a comedy script writer for hire based in the UK.

Matthew Cooper Comedy Script consultant

I’ve got over 100 hours of broadcast TV to my name and I’ve worked to great success on EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and other film and television projects. You can find a partial list of my film and TV credits on the IMDb, the list includes my first short film ‘Family Style’ which helped to kick start the career of Ewan McGregor back in the early 1990s.

I now work as script consultant and script writer for hire online and I work in all kinds of genres and on all sorts of productions ranging from online video, broadcast TV work, spec screenplays, screenplay rewrites and polishes and bespoke script edits and script consultancy.

Comedy Scriptwriter for Hire

As a comedy scriptwriter for hire, I’ve worked for producers in film, TV and theatre to punch up comedy dialogue and help create hilarious situations.  I’m a bit of a sitcom specialist – and as a script consultant I provide a really popular comedy script report service – where I’ll read and report on comedy scripts and sitcoms (one of the hardest nuts to crack in UK TV especially). 

Comedy script / sitcom feedback

I give great advice on how to make your script / screenplay funnier and my feedback even goes into the actual nuts and bolts of how sitcoms work when they do (and WHY).

There’s a showreel of some of my TV and film work below and the full comedy series DYLAN OGDEN underneath – Dylan Ogden was an innovative comedy show designed for online streamer (and was made WAY before the In-betweeners existed).

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If you’re looking for a script writer for your comedy project please contact me on

I don’t bite, and I treat everyone with respect – listen, you can trust me – I’m a Doctor, well a script doctor at least…


If you’re looking for a script writer for your comedy project please contact me on