Hello and welcome to Super8kings.

Super8kings is a project set up by Matthew Cooper and Adam Cooper.

Super8kings History

Matthew Cooper started his journey as a scriptwriter and filmmaker as teenager making Super 8mm movies with a group of like minded friends in Leeds.  Matthew went onto write Emmerdale, Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs. In his career as a script writer for hire he’s been BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society (RTS) nominated as a script writer.

Despite working for over 20 years in the film and TV business, Mat has remained in love with the Super 8mm format which is now making a comeback in the Digital Age.

Super8kings Mission

Super8kings’ mission is to breathe life back into the 8mm format, by shooting exciting, interesting and compulsive Super 8mm films.

We’ll shoot short subjects, longer subjects, feature films, animation and documentary subjects. All will be released online on YouTube and Facebook and through this website (

We’ll shoot all kinds of genres from horror to comedy.

All special effects will be practical, there will be no CGI or computer trickery apart from editing.

Super8kings People

Matthew Cooper is the lead. Adam Cooper is co-producer and editor.

Super8kings Equipment

We’re starting out with a Braun Nizo vintage Super 8mm camera, a lightweight tripod, a second hand cine light meter.

We’ll use a mid-range laptop with Pinnacle Studio Editing Software, and an Apple Mac with Final Cut X for some projects.

We have a standard 3 lamp lighting kit, green screen and animation stand.

We have a Zoom audio set up with a boom and mike.

We’ll be shooting on Pro8mm film who will also provide processing and digital transfer.

Keep checking back on this website for more updates…