Screenplay analysis

As the leading script consultant and script writer for hire I offer a very popular and professional standard screenplay analysis and script coverage service. It’s a lot better than the rest and here are some of the reasons why…

My screenplay analysis and script report services is reasonably priced, and is a higher standard than many industrial script reading services who farm work out to readers with little or no professional script writing experience.  

Coverage and analysis by a pro script writer

Here are just a few reasons why my screenplay analysis and coverage service stands head and shoulders above the rest;

  1. Your script is read, and the coverage is written by me, Matthew Cooper. I’m a BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society nominated script writer, with credits on produced feature films as well as over 200 hours of broadcast TV, which includes award winning episodes of Eastenders and Emmerdale.  No other script coverage service has a professional scriptwriter of my level of experience personally reading and reporting on your work.
  2. As well as a truly professional opinion, as a pro script writer I’m used to fixing and helping scripts get into better shape. My notes are page by page throughout the whole screenplay – this advice is detailed and my suggestions on how to fix problems or issues with your screenplay are practical, useful and in-depth.
  3. As well as a detailed analysis from a professional screenwriter I can also offer realistic ideas on the current market prospects of your script. As well as pretty detailed advice on a wider screenwriting career.  This advice can include;
  4. How to break into the industry
  5. What agents really want
  6. The reality of the business of being a screenwriter
  7. How to get onto the core team of a UK soap or serial drama

You can find some of my broadcast credits on the IMDb. And below is a video showcasing some of my work as script writer and script consultant.

You can find out about my script coverage fees here, or contact me on  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m pretty friendly and treat all writers, at whatever level of experience with respect.