UK Script reading and coverage service

How many UK script reading services can guarantee that your script will be read by a BAFTA nominated professional script writer with credits on all the UK networks?

While most script reading services are faceless, in that, you’re never sure of the level of experience of the reader, if you hire me to read and report on your script you’re getting, a professional script writer who has been writing for the BBC/ITV/CH4 for over 20 years.

I have credits on the likes of Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Some of my credits can be found on the IMDb here. I’ve been BAFTA shortlisted twice (link to one nomination on the BAFTA website here) and I’ve been Royal Television Society nominated too (which my agent told me was much more prestigious than BAFTA!)

My first short film starred an actor called Ewan McGregor; I was the writer of the EastEnders episode where ‘Alfie’ told ‘Kat’ he loved her for the first time.  I was on the core writing team of Emmerdale during one the shows most successful periods, I was part of the team that helped to revamp Hollyoaks and tripled its viewing figures within twelve months.

I’ve worked on shorts, serial drama, soaps, web serials (one famously backed by one of the Dragons from Dragons’ Den) and various feature films too. I’ve also done uncredited rewrites for film and TV, and there’s a lot of stuff I’ve written as a Script Consultant that I’ve been PAID good money not to talk about!

So, that’s me. And I WILL PERSONALLY read and report on your script.

As a professional script writer my reports don’t mess about either. Scripts and scriptwriting are my business and when I do a script report, its in-depth. I’m not here to waste my time or YOURS…

I give scene by scene, page by page notes. You will get detailed advice on the strengths and weaknesses and practical step by step advice on what to change, why it needs changing, and how to do it. I also give advice on market prospects of your script, as well as genuine help and advice on career prospects for scriptwriters.  This is real, hard won advice from the front lines.

I’m also happy to chat by email and clarify any points and offer ongoing support if needed.

I’ve run this website for over five years now and I’ve helped hundreds of writers, producers and directors whip their screenplays into shape. A lot of writers now have produced works, which have benefitted from my help.

There are a lot of websites offering Screenplay analysis, or Script development service’s. Always ask for the credentials of the person reading your script – with links to pro credits on the IMDb if possible.  Make sure you hire a professional, otherwise you might as well throw your money down the street.

My honest opinion as a professional script writer and leading UK script consultant isn’t too pricey either.

  • Short film script report £50
  • TV drama up to one hour script report £80
  • Feature film script report £120

If you’re looking for the UK’s best script reader, stop right now and pull up a chair for a one-to-one with a professional BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society nominated scriptwriter. Don’t waste time or money with anonymous readers with questionable experience.

I’m also, friendly, happy to chat and exchange TV and film writing stories, I’m sure I have some goss for everyone. Did I tell you the one about the time etc…

And, (this is more important that you think) –  I always treat all writers at all level of experience with courtesy and respect. It costs nothing to be kind (although it’s often forgotten in film and TV).

For more details please contact me on  – please mark your email ‘script report’.