Markham (2020)

Markham from Matthew Cooper on Vimeo.

Markham – available on Vimeo now

Markham is a snip to buy on Vimeo at just £4.59

Markham is also available to buy on DVD here.

It’s been a mad ride getting here. We started shooting Markham over 18 months ago with a tiny budget, no script, and only a vague idea of what the story was.

Through shear hard work the film devdloped through a complicated shooting process that required a lot of improvisation from all of the actors. A lot of material was shot, that we never used as the we fine turned the plot in the editing process.

Markham has been described as a film that deconstructs horror tropes and so far the film has had excellent feedback.

Considering the low budget, and the process we went through, I’m fairly pleased with the end result, and myself and the same team are moving onto two new horror feature projects with very low budgets – call it the Covid Trilogy!

I’m also preparing another two feature films for me to direct, and we’re hoping to raise some funds for the other two.

Markham is a dark psychological horror which mixes H.P Lovecraft and the new trend for ‘rubber reality’ cinema.

The film  stars newcomers, Tony Coughlin, Ashe Russell, Daniel Martin and Gareth Parry. The film was shot on location in Leeds, and Staithes.

The production Company is Warehouse Transmedia.

For details please contact Matthew Cooper on