How to hire a scriptwriter or screenwriter

If you’re looking for a script writer for hire and are unsure of how to hire someone to write, or help write a script or screenplay – this blogpost should explain how to actually HIRE a PRO scriptwriter to help on your project.

Okay, first things first – scriptwriters are freelance workers – like copyrighters, or designers or any other creative professional… But, unlike most creative’s scriptwriters often have AGENTS, especially successful TV or film scriptwriters.  Scriptwriters themselves often don’t deal with a request for work themselves – the agent does.

How to get past literary agents

Now agents are great at handling and schmoozing with successful film and TV types – the type of people with a long track record as film and TV producers.  Agents – almost across the board – won’t DEAL WITH PEOPLE without a firm track record. Agents turn down, ignore and won’t deal with JOE PUBLIC who want to hire one of their scriptwriting clients.  This is true – if you don’t believe me – try and email an agent and enquire about hiring their client if you don’t have a track record in film and TV – you will be given pretty short shrift.

Agents are often an antiquated device in today’s day and age – a time when anyone can hire just about any type of creative online – want a designer? You can find some great designers online – pro photographer or video specialist? Editor or sound designer? VFX guy or gal? They can all be found on a GOOGLE search – but not scriptwriters or screenwriters – who are paying their agents 10% or 15% to shield them from the general public and people without a good enough industry track record.  It’s an old-fashioned, restrictive business model. But still a popular one – so how do you get past literacy agents?

So, how do you hire a pro scriptwriter?

You can sometimes find scriptwriters online – and you can often contact them directly – but you will be told in nearly ALL CASES that you NEED to speak to their AGENT (that’s the deal) and most scriptwriters on social media even list their agents as a first point of contact in their bios – if you contact the agent, most likely (without a long track record) the agent will ignore you, or at best fob you off.

Agents, worry and don’t want clients getting work through their own online presence – if scriptwriters started taking work from people who contacted them online (and that includes legitimate industry approaches) it would quickly make the agent seem less than vital. I mean, if a scriptwriter who was a big name suddenly started chatting to another big name director who they met online and secured a job because of this say, Twitter exchange – it might give the scriptwriter pause to actually think – what do I need the agent for? This is a nightmare for agents that they’re keen to avoid – which is why ALL WORK APPROACHES must come via the AGENT or AGENCY

The agents will fight tooth and nail to protect this.

So, is there is a way to hire a professional scriptwriter with a long track record of professional credits and awards without having to go through an agent or agency? YES! You can hire me.

Many years ago, I too worked with an agent – who taught me a great deal about the business, but with the advent of Web 2.0 I decided to go it alone – and work like any freelancer in the digital economy – these days, agents approach me, but when they hear about my website, and my earnings via online contacts – they panicworried that their other clients will realise that you can do very well – working as a  script writer for hire online so, I’m an outlier – a BAFTA shortlisted scriptwriter who you can hire online (I’m the ONLY one).

Let me introduce myself – my name is Matthew Cooper, I’m a BAFTA shortlisted (and Royal Television Society Nominated) scriptwriter with credits on all the UK domestic networks. I’ve written award winning short films, screenplays and was on the core writing teams of Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs.

On EastEnders I wrote the iconic episode where ‘Alfie’ told ‘Kat’ he loved her for the first time. On Hollyoaks I helped to introduce the McQueen Family, and gangster Warren Fox.  On Emmerdale I got ‘Mandy Dingle’ and ‘Paddy’ back together.

My first short film broadcast on Channel Four back in 1994 starred an unknown actor called ‘Ewan McGregor’ – who used the film as a showreel to get himself work.

I’ve worked a script writer for hire and UK script consultant for over 20 years, working on projects with producers, directors and writers from all over the world.  Here’s a partial list of my broadcast credits on the IMDb. I’ve also worked as director on three full length feature films including the critically acclaimed low budget horror ‘At The Mountains Of Madness.

So, if you’re looking to hire a scriptwriter – without having to deal with agents and literary agencies – I’m your man.

So, get in touch with me on – I won’t ignore any approach, from anyone.  As long as you can pay my fee you can hire me and you’ll deal directly with me, and not an agent.