Digital Skills

As TV writing is so 1990s in the early noughties I branched out into the big wide online world as digital content producer, manager and online marketing

Here is a quick summary of the skills I’ve developed.

WordPress: I can build, optimise and customise WordPress websites. I’ve worked on seven or eight different WordPress sites over the last eight years. One (built for a charity) now regularly receives over one million views per year.

SEO: Of course to be able to optimise websites you need to learn all about search engine optimisation which I’ve worked in for over 5 years. I understand the many facets of SEO which will lead to a website rising in SERPs.

Social Media Marketing: I’ve spent over six years working in social media marketing for major UK brands, charities and smaller local companies. I’ve worked for holiday chains based across the world to increase engagement online. I’m also always on top of all the cutting edge tools.

Google Analytics: I’m also keen on measuring results of campaigns and one way to do this is through Google Analytics.

Email Marketing: I’ve worked for over five years with DotMailer one of the best email marketing platforms available in the UK. This means I can also lend my hand to any of the other email marketing software packages and I have worked with MailChimp amongst others.

Content Marketing, content production, writing for the web: I’m an experienced online copywriter with knowledge of SEO. I’ve created content led campaigns for large brands and charities. I understand how high quality content is vital, and I know how to create it and manage the production of it, including the ‘newsroom’ principle and I’m experienced in live blogging.

Monitoring: It’s important to listen and I’ve used Radian6 and Brandwatch to great effect in the past.

Design: I’m trained in InDesign, Photoshop and Final Cut X and I have a good eye for what works online. I’m also an excellent photographer both still and video.

YouTube: I’ve produced videos for some large brands, charities and holiday companies. I’m a certified YouTube partner as well as being an expert at optimising video and YouTube channels for search.