Best UK script coverage and development services

If you’re looking for the UK’s best script coverage services, stop right now and pull up a chair for a one-to-one with a professional BAFTA nominated scriptwriter and leading UK script consultant.

Don’t bother with anonymous readers, or faceless notes from someone with questionable experience when you can have advice and an in-depth script report from a genuine professional.

Hi my name is Matthew Cooper and I’m a BAFTA nominated, Royal Television Society Shortlisted script writer and Script Doctor, from Leeds in the UK

I’ve written over 200 hundred hours of broadcast TV for the likes of EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs in UK. I was personally BAFTA shortlisted for my work on Emmerdale and was the winner of the first ever Lloyds Bank Film Challenge and the Oscar Moore screenwriting award. Here’s a partial list of my credits on the IMDb. – Do you know any other script coverage services where you’ll get notes and ideas from someone with my level of experience? 

Helping new scriptwriters

I love helping new writers.  I was one once – my first short film was broadcast on Channel Four in the UK in 1994 – the film starred an unknown actor called Ewan McGregor. That’s how I got my break in TV.

My script coverage service is detailed and practical, I give page by page, scene by scene, line by line notes. My script coverage and report services will help you get your script into shape, and maybe make it stand out from the rest in crowded and competitive market.

And hiring me, a professional script writer to report and do coverage on your script needn’t cost a fortune. My script coverage Fees and prices are often cheaper than other more anonymous and faceless services. 

My fees are affordable and give genuine value for money.

Prices are as follows:

  • Short film script report £50
  • TV drama up to one hour script report £80
  • Feature film script report £120

I’ll also give genuine insider knowledge only a professional working scriptwriter can tell you, and that can include career advice and market prospects for your work.

If you’re a new scriptwriter looking for script coverage services, while I’ve got you – have a read of the following useful info:

Below is a showreel showing of some of my network TV work:

Don’t be shy and get in touch for a genuine assessment of your material. I’m also happy to chat by email after I’ve completed the report.

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