UK Script editor for hire

UK Script editor for hire

What does a script editor do?  And how do you know when to hire one?

If you’ve written a script for a TV show, series, serial or feature film you might get to the end and think to yourself (probably quite reasonably) I need some help with this…

Help with your script can come in many forms. Giving it to friends and family to read isn’t probably a very good idea. Seeking the assistance of an experienced professional ‘Script Editor’ is a good idea – the professionals do this too.

A script editor is a position on TV shows and within TV productions companies. The script editors’ role is to help the script writer make the script as good as possible, and this can include giving ideas and suggestions to improve the script.

The role is very similar to Script Consultant or a Script Doctor as the script editor will read the script and produce a series of edits or recommendations in a similar way to a script report or script coverage document.

Good script editors should also be talented at spotting improvements in every area of the script from story to characterisation and even right down to the actual dialogue.

If you’re looking for a script editor to help improve your script look no further.  My name is Matthew Cooper and I’m a BAFTA shortlisted, Royal Television Society Nominated script writer, script consultant and script editor from Leeds in the UK.

I have over 200 hours of award winning broadcast TV to my name. And you can hire me as a script editor for hire to help you get your work where you want it to be.

You can find some of my broadcast credits on the IMDb. You can get in touch with me on or even hire me directly on Peopleperhour

Get in touch today, and let me help you turn your script into a professional, polished piece of work.