Species & Species 2

Species is an okay 90s sci-fi horror film. It’s notable for Natasha Henstridge, the leggy, beautiful blonde who plays the alien – Sil. She doesn’t have to do much acting (she’s actually really good in John Carpenters Ghost of Mars) she just has to look good. Which the ex model manages pretty well. I’m a big Natasha fanboy.

The sequel, Species 2 has very low ratings on the IMDb – I’d avoided it for a while, but being a Natasha Henstridge completist I finally got a copy and sat back to watch. I was pleased that the sequel is actually the better film.

I can hear readers screaming at this opinion. But the sequel takes the story in a new and interesting direction and the special effects are far superior to the first film. The film is also well directed by Peter Medak, who’s had a long career making some interesting films across the world.

So, this is a short blogpost about a pretty obscure film and its sequel which is even more obscure. My previous blogpost was about Under the Skin, which funnily enough I watched around the time I watched Species 2. These are actually a nice bookend films to watch together – with similarities in plot.I said in my review of Under the Skin that I thought it was an extraordinary masterpiece and it is, but it doesn’t have Natasha Henstridge in it…

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