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When I started this website selling my services as script writer for hire, script doctor and script consultant I wasn’t sure how much actual real work I would get.

Family Style
Family Style

My script writing career, as such started in the mid 1990s with an award winning short film, from there I got representation with a big London based literary agency. Things were a bit stop start at first, but by the early noughties I was making a very good living in British TV writing for the likes of Emmerdale, Eastenders, Family Affairs and Hollyoaks.

I was BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society short listed for my work on the soaps but I didn’t really find the work that enjoyable. My agent was a fabulous chap who taught me a great deal about the industry and how to make a consistent living from being a professional script writer.  But eventually I split from my agent and started to look at different types of media. I became a YouTube accredited expert very early on. And I started to learn all about search engine optimisation and I was an early adopter of Social Media (I now have a degree in online marketing).

Changes in the industry, and in the availability of affordable tech, have meant that as I write I’m making an ambitious low budget feature film which I intend to distribute and moneytise online myself.

Through this website – especially over the last two years I have received a massive amount of freelance script writing work.  This can be everything from script reading, to scripts for marketing video, scripts for advertisements, scripts for corporate videos and in-house training videos.

On top of this work, I’ve written feature films from scratch as a freelance script writer, I’ve turned novels into screenplays, I’ve written original TV for producers – I’ve even acted a script consultant for producers and broadcasters under the radar – often rewriting or changing scenes for actual broadcast TV and produced films on both sides of the Atlantic at various stages of production.

This is on top of various other fun jobs, including writing comedy plays, and fake online reality shows! I’ve done some of my best work ever as script writer over the last few years from work that has come to me via this website – no two jobs are ever the same.

Paid script writing work

Recent projects have been a 90s themed drug trilogy of feature films, a 90 minute 10 part comedy/drama for a corporate company,  a true life WW2 historical feature film for a USA based producer, various USA based horror film rewrites (or partial rewrites) a series of comedy plays based around UK TV shows, a WW1 historical epic (based on a true story) and a lot of marketing videos for online clients.

Now, at this point in 2019 – this website is providing me more work than I can handle as a sole script writer for hire – this has happened on occasion before, but the website is now consistently producing good quality well paid script writing work for clients across the world. Too much for me to complete on my own.

Script writers wanted

I’m reaching out for script writers because I don’t want to disappoint clients who contact me as an experienced script writer for hire.So if you’d like to grab some of the interesting and varied work I’m picking up online from producers and broadcasters across the world– get in touch asap.

Get in touch

So, if you’re a script writer, with broadcast credits, proven industry experience and the ability to deliver the high quality work that my clients have come to expect, please get in touch on with me on – if you have agent representation already – don’t worry, we can work under the radar if that’s what you’d like.