Performance (1970)

As a UK script consultant I often find myself restructuring other writers’ scripts, but even I wouldn’t go as far as the mad crazed and beautiful editing of the first part of Performance.

Modern viewers may find the jump cut, flashback mise-en-scene madness a bit harsh (and possibly dated?) at the start of the film, but relax. The film settles into a brilliant look at identity, drugs, sex, music and gangsters.

I haven’t seen the film for a long while but wanted to revisit it thanks to my recent viewing of White of the Eye which was directed by Donald Cammell who co-directed Performance with Nic Roeg.

Catching up with Performance again, it doesn’t disappoint and it’s easy to see why this film is a cult classic and demands repeated viewings.

What’s great about it? James Fox nails the gangster role, Mick Jagger is awkward and a treat, and the music is simply fantastic (including some work by Ry Cooder which ended up being recycled years later in Paris, Texas.)

Anita Pallenberg is also a lovely as Pherber, and there’s a great role for a kid actor who has some of the best lines in the film and he has great comic timing too.

Look out for John Bindon – an actor, with real life connections to the Kray twins, and a notorious hard man in his own right. I have toyed with a script based on Bindon’s real life but never got too far with it. Anyway – he’s a pussy cat in this…

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