Donnie Darko (2001) – thoughts of a UK script consultant

Donnie Darko has a massive cult following. I saw it in the cinema back in 2001 and thought it was okay. As a script writer for hire  and UK script consultant. I like to watch films again sometimes, to reappraise them. Watching the film again this week – I found more things of interest.

Of course, the soundtrack is great, the performances are good and some of mise-en-scene is lovely. What interested me more about the film this time is the quantum physics angle in the plot.

Now, for most of my high school days I was half asleep during Physics, I certainly never thought that I’d become interested in quantum physics/mechanics theories.

But Donnie Darko alongside John Carpenter’s The Prince of Darkness – have plots largely built around quantum physics.

There’s a couple of interesting articles online about some of what, quantum physics may actually be doing in the background of our universe. Have a look here and here if you’re interested. The second article which talks about the theory of Retrocasuality is particularly interesting.

Quantum Mechanics is a field which is rich for screenwriters – Nolan has touched on it in some films, even Kubrick to an extent. Primer and Time Crimes are also worthy of a look for having the theories central to the plot of each film.

I’ll revisit the film again, maybe next week, or maybe back in 2001 (I think I just made a quantum mechanics joke…)

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