Da 5 Bloods (2020)

As a script writer for hire, UK Script editor  and UK script consultant I don’t really make Oscar predictions (or care particularly about the Oscar’s) but I’ll put this here for all to see, Delroy Lindo’s performance in Da 5 Bloods deserves an Oscar, it’s a hard, and at time unpleasant performance to watch. A portrait of a man racked with guilt, and sent half mad by being a black American veteran.  So insane his character – he even voted for Trump.

Da 5 Bloods is Spike’s best film in a while.  No spoilers, but it deserves as big an audience as possible on Netflix.  It’s massively timely, and proof that Spike has been reading from the same hymn sheet as the Black Lives Matter movement his entire career.

There are some nice directorial touches (the elderly actors play themselves as young men in flashbacks) one characters carries (a lovely) old school Super 8mm camera (looks like a Leicina? – nice) and also photographs the journey back to the Vietnamese jungle on a 35mm analogue film camera.   

The film at times changes ratio (the format in which you see it), to suggest older times.  The colour photography is lovely, and Spike uses some of the widest lenses in his career to capture the vastness of the landscape.

Some of the scenes and performances suggest a lot of improvisation, with actors given free reign within the character and story boundaries – Lindo, riffs on his character, who moves to tragedy before the journey is over.

It’s a long film that feels short, and will improve on repeat viewings. After watching it, I wanted to see CLOCKERS again.  ‘Clockers’ is a brilliant film (probably better than this) and Delroy Lindo gives another performance in that film that deserved much wider acclaim. Clockers feels like the place these Vietnam vets found themselves in when they returned home and stewed for a while.  An America that pits blood against blood, and like Vietnam, nobody gets out alive (or with their sanity intact).

‘Da 5 Bloods’ and’ Clockers’ would make a great double bill. Spike is, and always has been a major force in mainstream film.  That’s the truth Ruth.

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