Can You Ever Forgive Me (2018)

Can You Ever Forgive Me (2018) is a marvellous film based on writer Lee Israel’s real life dabble with literary forgery. Israel had fallen on hard times and began forging letters from great writers of the past; it proved lucrative for a while.

As a UK script consultantscript writer for hire and script doctor I always enjoy a good film about writing (Trumbo was the last good one I saw, and Dalton himself got in some criminal scrapes as a youth needing to pay the bills – read the book Trumbo is based on).

An evening at The Crow

Melissa McCarthy is excellent as Israel but, a lot of the publicity around the film was based on the performance of Richard E Grant who plays Israel’s friend Jack Hock. Grant was Oscar nominated last year for the role, and he’s very funny in a way which echoes his greatest part – ‘Withnail’ in the classic British comedy Withnail and I.


Hock and Withnail have many familiarities; drink, hedonism, wit and finally sadness…  At times, its feels like Grant is reviving an old friend, and it even feels something like a sequel to ‘Withnail and I’ – with Grant’s character popping up in New York, still looking for cheap booze and a warm place to stay the night. At least in New York his character would be far from all the mud and terrible ‘umscar’ in Penrith.

Hawkes of Savile Row

‘Can You Ever Forgive Me’ is a very good film, and I think it will grow over the years, like ‘Withnail and I’ did.

It’s almost ‘Israel and I’…

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