Who are the best script consultants?

8th April 2022 @matcoop 0

My script reports include a detailed page-by–page read of your script (with notes and suggestions on how to improve your work) as well as detailed ‘business aspects’ advice, including: Where to send scripts in the UK – Advice on agents and how to approach them-
Actual war stories about the reality of being a working scriptwriter in the UK

I’d like to sell my series or story or script to Netflix

8th March 2022 @matcoop 0

Hey, as a UK script consultant and BAFTA shortlisted script writer for hire I get a surprising amount of emails from people with no industry experience who have decide that their idea, script or life story would make a great series on Netflix and that all they need to do is find a way of getting that idea, script or life story in front of the bigwigs at Netflix (or Amazon or the BBC). So, that they can agree what a fab story it is, while they hand over bundles of cash to get it made.