Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil is another Hammer piece, great for teenage boys and horror fans alike. Peter Cushing is great in this and the two real life twins are a treasure (one of the lovely ladies died recently).

When searching for the trailer on YouTube I found the entire film was on there with near 100,000 views. The version uploaded does apparently have some sound issues for those interested enough to seek it out.

The comments section of the video does mention the heaving bosoms on display but the film has a lot more going for it than that and is about as good as Hammer got in the 70s.

Hammer did do boobs well, and lots of these films where visited by in cinemas by what was then known as the dirty mac brigade. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and was always hearing about these dirty old men! I never saw one in the cinema even when at age 11 I sneaked into The Unbearable Likeness of Being in the now no longer existing ABC/Cannon cinema in Leeds with a few pals.

Speaking of (as I am) boobs, it seems unfair not to include in this series of blogposts a piece on Russ Meyer, who as Jonathan Ross once admitted ‘helped him through a difficult teenage period’. So the next blogpost will be about Russ Meyer, but which film will I pick?

The trailer for Twins of Evil is below…

So, 34 films to go…

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