Southern Comfort

27th February 2016 @matcoop 0

As anyone reading this blog long enough will know, I’m a great fan of Walter Hill. And I grew up watching Southern Comfort over and […]

The Hunted

27th February 2016 @matcoop 0

In 2003, William Friedkin made The Hunted which stars Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. And it’s kind of like The Bourne Identity released […]


27th February 2016 @matcoop 0

Ravenous, for most people is an undiscovered gem. Please seek this out fans of horror or comedy, or just fans of interesting films with a […]

War of the Worlds

23rd February 2016 @matcoop 0

Writing about 100 films you must see and avoiding the obvious ones becomes quite a task (I’ve found this out after 68 films!). I’ve also […]

Twins of Evil

20th February 2016 @matcoop 0

Twins of Evil is another Hammer piece, great for teenage boys and horror fans alike. Peter Cushing is great in this and the two real […]


19th February 2016 @matcoop 0

I adore Scarface, for me it’s up there with The Godfather and Goodfellas when it comes to gangster movies. As I talk to younger people, […]

Man of Steel

13th February 2016 @matcoop 0

I like (despite my hatred of the overuse of CGI) Zack Snyder. Watchman was a decent attempt and the effects heavy Sucker Punch is a […]

Out of the Furnace

13th February 2016 @matcoop 0

Out of the Furnace from 2013 doesn’t work, people have compared it to The Deer Hunter, but you need to set your expectations a lot […]

Ghosts of Mars

6th February 2016 @matcoop 0

John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars is a trouble film. In that, the first time I saw it I thought what the hell is a great […]