Hard Times (1975)

13th January 2018 0

Walter Hill’s Hard Times is also known as ‘The Streetfighter’. This is a great film, muscular, raw and in a nice way (for today’s audiences) […]

Open Range (2003)

13th January 2018 0

Open Range directed by and starring Kevin Costner is a lovely film.  All the better for having all the violence at the end and taking […]

Dog Eat Dog (2016)

6th January 2018 0

I’ve already said that I’m a believer in Paul Schrader and that I think Affliction is a masterpiece and a better film hasn’t been made […]

Looking forward to 2018

30th December 2017 0

We’re approaching New Year’s Eve and I thought I’d pen a little blogpost looking back at 2017. As a script writer for hire I’ve had more […]

Performance (1970)

20th November 2017 0

As a UK script consultant I often find myself restructuring other writers’ scripts, but even I wouldn’t go as far as the mad crazed and […]

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