Script Consultant UK looks back on Santa Sangre, and other films viewed this week

As the leading UK script consultant and online script writer for hire, I’ve been busy the last few weeks shooting additional scenes and FX shots for my feature film debut as a director Markham (2019) which I’m hoping to get released online later this year.

Tony Coughlan in Markham

As well as this work, I still managed to catch up with a few older films this week…

I watched Santa Sangre (1989) for the first time. I’d read a lot about it going back many years. It was clear, watching it for the first time, from the opening shots onwards that you’re watching a film made by a master filmmaker.

Be aware, this is a disturbing film, and wonderous at the same time. Based partly on the directors own upbringing and starring his son, as a surrogate version of his youthful self.

It’s been compared to the work of Fellini. But it’s better than a lot of that director’s  acclaimed (and often overrated works).

I also caught up with Cold Prey (2006), a Norwegian cross between Friday the 13th and Kubrick’s The Shining. It starts slowly, but builds to a suspenseful and very enjoyable climax.  I liked the performance of Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. Who reminded me a lot of Cécile de France.

I also, again for the first time watched Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) which is very endearing, and very much deserves its place as cult rock and roll film.  

This week I also re-watched Alphaville, which gets better ‘every single time I see it’. The DVD copy I have is in French and has no English subtitles. I still love it. The trailer is below.

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His directorial debut Markham will be released in 2019.