Your script won’t sell – but it might get optioned – what is an option in script writing terms? Ask the Script Consultant UK.

5th September 2022 @matcoop 0

As the busiest UK script consultant and script writer for hire on the World Wide Web, I get a lot of rookie scriptwriters asking me about how to sell their feature film script. Well, let me tell you, that most scripts don’t sell–even the ones that get made–they get optioned.  And in the UK–you’re not going to be able to make a living from having scripts optioned – in fact, you’ll be lucky if you can pay your rent for one month from the average option deal.

Finding your voice – script consultant UK – guest blog post

24th August 2022 @matcoop 0

As the busiest script consultant in the UK – I work with new writers to help them find their voice – and sometimes (when my work is heavily in demand) script reports and script coverage are picked up by other professional scriptwriters that I have worked (and respect) with over my long career in film and TV.  One such writer is my good friend Cardy O’Donnell.

Black Sunday (1977)

12th February 2021 @matcoop 0

As one of the foremost script consultant’s in the UK I’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost my love for B Movies that sometimes don’t work. […]

Leviathan (1989)

11th February 2021 @matcoop 0

I sometimes watch and love movies that as a professional script consultant I really should not. These films are often B Movies, or low budget […]

Haywire (2011)

6th February 2021 @matcoop 0

As a UK script consultant, I’m watching movies all the time, but somehow, I missed Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire (2011) the first time out.   Soderbergh […]