The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) – thoughts of a UK Script Consultant and Script Doctor

As a UK Script Doctor and UK script consultant I’ve been meaning to write about The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) for an age. This is a really great film, wonderfully written and directed, and a film that grows as every year passes.

There are scenes in various old Sam Peckinpah movies where cowboys in the dying old west, stop and watch as a new fangled automobile drives past (probably, the first or second ‘car’ – these cowpokes have ever seen). This film was made in 2005 – but Tommy Lee Jones’ character Pete still seems like one of those Peckinpah cowpokes – grimacing as he sees the modern world has arrived – bringing values which don’t match his own.

So, while this is set in the modern West, the ‘Old West’ is very much alive – it’s code of honour: friendship, loyalty, a man sticking to his word – they’re at the heart of story, and are what Pete is all about.

To a large extent – the modern life hasn’t really brought Pete’s character much of any use, he’s a cowboy still, out on the range, and he values his friends higher than anything else. A man of his word, he wants to honour his dead buddy, and the film goes on a journey, taking some unwilling prisoners into a harsh landscape. Pete finds out that not everyone; even friends, have the same staunch belief in being ‘men of their words…’  But in the end, does that even matter?

There’s a lovely word to describe this film – it’s ‘elegiac’ – an elegy, mournful, beautiful, wistful and very sad.

As a Script Doctor and UK script consultant I sometimes get contacted by very young script writers (I was myself once). Asking for career advice or help with a script report. One of the key bits of advice I give is that most writers – don’t really get any good without a large measure of life experience and often, this only comes with age. Getting older, is a writers friend.

This is an older person’s film (I’m  44 – not 64!) and it has an almost Gatsbyesque feel to it. What’s Pete looking for over there in Mexico? What does he expect to find? A past that never really existed? Or a future that, in the end, is only filled with sense of loss?

Below is a series of quick clips from the film featuring the late great musician Levon Helm who has a small part as an old man the characters meet with on their journey into Mexico.  He has a request for them…

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