Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This will be short and sweet.

I’ve avoided writing about Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the past few weeks. As a script writer for hire I made the decision not see it in the cinema based on feedback online and from friends who said – Matt – “you’ll hate it”.

I didn’t mind The Force Awakens – but had a bad reaction to Rogue One (which I find unwatchable).  Everyone seemed to like Rogue One, so they assumed I’d hate The Last Jedi. I didn’t – I loved it.

I loved it, because:

  • It took me by surprise
  • It introduced new elements
  • It ripped up the rule book
  • It wasn’t scared do awkward comedy (the original trilogy is full of it)
  • Visually, it was very interesting
  • Mark Hamill (who doesn’t like the film) actually turned in a really good performance.

Friends have said to me, it’s because you had very low expectations… So, I watched it again, and I was equally impressed – in fact, I saw more in the film the second time. I think it will grow…

So there. This might lose me a few friends. But I think The Last Jedi is very good entry into the Star Wars universe and since George handed the baton over – it’s my favourite so far.

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