Hot Tub Time Machine

I love a good comedy, and Hot Tub Time Machine is a really good comedy. It’s especially funny for people who grew up in the 80s.

It also does a nod back to the movies of the 80s, and features John Cusack who was a mainstay of 80s teen cinema.

The plot is faintly ridiculous, teen angst is replaced with mid-life angst as four guys in their 40s get transferred back to 1986 and the greatest weekend of their life. Tagging along is Clark Duke as the young nephew of Cusack – struggling in 80s without being able to text someone or find them online.

Chevy Chase turns up briefly and Crispin Glover is fabulous, and looks like he hasn’t aged at all.

So, if big hair, 80s rock and James Spader jokes are your bag I’d check this out. It’s one of the few modern comedies that requires repeated viewings. There is a sequel, I haven’t seen it but the word on the net is that it’s to be avoided.

The trailer is below…

So, 1 film to go…

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