Untraceable (2008)

As a a script writer for hire  and UK script consultant I’m a massive Diane Lane fan boy, and this weekend I dug out Untraceable  from 2008, a ‘Silence of The Lambs’ style serial killer film, with an internet slant.

It’s very hard writing a thriller that uses the latest internet trends as a base of its plot.  Usually, by the time the film is made and released the latest trends have moved on, leaving the film looking old hat. 

Untraceable just about gets away with still seeming fairly relevant by its focus on characters as well as the tech, and finally the actual plot of Untraceable is really a revenge suspense thriller which would work with or without the internet angle.

Diane is excellent as always and it’s good to see her used well in a horror/thriller – and for fans of gore, the film is surprising gruesome in some aspects.  Diane is a web expert and detective who helps to track an anonymous online killer, who uses the internet to live stream the deaths of his victims. The more people log on to watch – the quicker the deaths happen.

What I enjoyed most about the film (bar Diane) was the performances, small players are given time to develop their characters, and the casting is often interesting and intelligent. Finally, it’s a small pot boiler with good photography and atmosphere. There’s a slight sense that the film could have been more, bigger, more complicated and less direct, but it’s satisfying entry into the serial killer genre nonetheless.

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