Seashell: Caught Short Focus 2006

I took part in a Screen Yorkshire scheme back in 2006. The aim of the scheme was to write, direct, cast, edit, post produce and screen a short film within one week on a very low budget.  Starting from scratch.

My wife Alison Pennells entered as writer and I entered as director. We were given some students to act as crew. It was a great, fun-filled mad week, and we were given training by a veteran BBC director on how to handle actors, and how to run a set. I loved it.

We encountered various problems along the way. I cast the wrong male lead from the two choices I was given. And while setting the shots up, I trusted my student camera person to be able to focus the camera (he didn’t focus correctly on the majority of the shots – which meant the whole film looks kind of soft).

What did I learn from the scheme?

  • I learned that despite being a script writer for hire and a closeted writer type I’m actually really good at dealing with people
  • I learned that I can deal with pressure well (the whole film was shot in one day over various locations)
  • I learned that directing is very hard, and you need a really good crew and you need to keep them onside
  • I learned that I’m not Orson Welles. A lesson a lot of young filmmakers should learn really quickly.
  • Filmmaking is all about collaboration and making good relationships with the people you work with

The film is below and features some Super 8mm footage I shot and some of my own Super 8mm equipment.

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