MAC, Michael Badalucco, John Turturro, 1993

Back in 1992, the actor John Turturro directed a little film called Mac. I haven’t seen this film in a long while, and I’m not sure that it’s available anywhere legitimately. Although I’m sure you can find it online somewhere. I had to include this film, in my list of 100 films that you must see, because I think it’s a fine film (and because not many people have ever heard of it).

The story follows Mac, the eldest of three brothers who is a house builder, someone who takes real pride in the work he does and wants to do it his own way, even if this means pulling the whole house down and starting again.

It’s the story of Turturro’s father and the film ends with an answer machine message from John’s Dad. It’s a small personal film. Befitting the Italian ancestry of Turturro’s family it almost feels like a European film of the 70s.

I also think the film is about how Turturro feels about acting; he takes it as seriously and takes as much pride in his work as his father did in making sure that a nail is hammered in straight.

Anyway, the film has stuck with me for many years. If you get the chance you should check it out…

So, 27 films to go…

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