I’m back with a vengeance!

Matthew Cooper Script writer for hire
Matthew Cooper Script writer for hire

I haven’t written a blogpost since late July because as a script writer for hire and a UK script consultant. I’ve just had my busiest period since I set up this website, so busy that it ranks alongside the time I wrote 11 episodes of Emmerdale in one year (and got BAFTA shortlisted at the same time).

What have I been working on you may ask? (or you may not! But I’m going to tell you anyway). In 2017 alone I’ve worked on a 10 part web series for a digital agency and a major brand. A feature film adaptation of a cult book (there’s still work going on to get that financed). I’ve adapted another book for an American client (still work on-going on that one). A ton of script reports for clients, a few rush rewrites on projects that demanded my attention. And, my most enjoyable job was a rewrite of a script for a guy who came to me through this website – the script had great (read Blockbuster/High Concept) ideas and just needed some work on characters and dialogue.

So as you can see I’ve been a very, very busy script writer for hire.

I’ve also had some agents buzzing around, and managed to secure the services of one agent to help with more complex deals on a one-off basis. But, as with all agents they’d like me to shut down this website and only take work that they present to me. And, I’m not doing that…

The work I receive through this website, is so interesting, and varied that I’m not likely to go with an agent who wants me to make my living writing EastEnders or Emmerdale again (yeuch).

So, as the website goes from strength to strength, I’m putting the call out again. If you need an experienced script writer with broadcast credits on all the UK networks and over twenty years’ experience as a pro screenwriter – contact me on matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk – I’m here to help!

Expect blogposts to resume on a regular basis now, so keep checking back…

Matthew Cooper has been a script writer for hire for over 20 years. He’s written for most of the UK soaps, including writing award winning episodes of Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs and has been BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society nominated as a script writer. He’s also a leading UK script consultant. You can find some of his broadcast credits on the IMDb. You can get in touch with Matthew on matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk or hire him on Peopleperhour