11th March 2016 @matcoop 0

As a script consultant I tend to come across writers that fall into two camps. Those that can do excellent dialogue and those that often […]

Wall Street

8th March 2016 @matcoop 0

Being a professional script consultant sometimes means that you come across scripts that have great potential but that also have inherent problems. Indeed, I’ve written […]

White Lightnin’

7th March 2016 @matcoop 0

A very old friend of mine (Dom Murphy) directed White Lightnin’ from 2009. I haven’t seen Dom in many years but he was one of […]


1st March 2016 @matcoop 0

David Cronenberg’s Scanners is a classic. As a script consultant I’d say that it’s more than ripe for a reboot. But, that it’s probably too […]


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Back in 1992, the actor John Turturro directed a little film called Mac. I haven’t seen this film in a long while, and I’m not […]


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Smoke from 1995 is written by Paul Auster and directed by Wayne Wang. It focuses on a very small area of Brooklyn, but essentially this […]

Southern Comfort

27th February 2016 @matcoop 0

As anyone reading this blog long enough will know, I’m a great fan of Walter Hill. And I grew up watching Southern Comfort over and […]


27th February 2016 @matcoop 0

Ravenous, for most people is an undiscovered gem. Please seek this out fans of horror or comedy, or just fans of interesting films with a […]