Quick Change (1990)

29th December 2019 @matcoop 0

Bill Murray and Howard Franklin’s Quick Change (1990) is one of those lost films from the 90s which is rarely seen now but has grown into one of the best comedies of the 90s, even if very few people have seen it or remember it.

Matthew Cooper, Screenwriter

How to pick the best script consultant services

22nd December 2019 @matcoop 0

There are tons of script consultant services online, for a writer needing an objective eye on their screenplay, a hiring a script consultant to do a script report is a good idea, but with all these people offering these services online.

Miracle Mile (1988)

13th December 2019 @matcoop 0

The film has quite a reputation for being an unexpected one of a kind treat. And as a script writer for hire, UK Script editor and script doctor I watched it, and despite knowing (or at least I thought I knew) a lot about the plot it was still a film filled with unexpected and very satisfying twists.