Ghosts of Mars

6th February 2016 @matcoop 0

John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars is a trouble film. In that, the first time I saw it I thought what the hell is a great […]


30th January 2016 @matcoop 0

Luc Besson’s Subway is a very enjoyable piece of hokum. I watched it recently and I take a lot of pleasure in the opening sequences […]

Deadly Pursuit

19th January 2016 @matcoop 0

A Facebook friend reminded me of this great movie from 1988. Known as Shoot to Kill in USA, the European title Deadly Pursuit has made […]


16th January 2016 @matcoop 0

The Oscar nominations have just been announced for 2016 as I write this; Sylvester Stallone has been nominated for Creed. I haven’t seen Creed yet […]

Breaking Away

12th January 2016 @matcoop 0

I wrote a little web series about growing up called Dylan Ogden which you can find on this website on my script writing samples page. […]

Hear My Song

12th December 2015 @matcoop 0

Whimsy? I can’t write about whimsy without mentioning Hear My Song. I was lucky enough to meet director Peter Chelsom and talk to him about […]