Web content writer for hire

Content writer for hire

I’m kicking off 2017 with the launch of my content writer for hire service, as well as being a script writer for hire with credits on all the major UK television networks I’m also highly experienced in writing content for websites and blogs.

What is a content writer?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a big part of why content writing for the web came into such high demand around five years ago. Google and other search engines love fresh, optimised and high quality content. They like this content to be uploaded on a weekly basis at the minimum and they like it to be useful and shared socially.

Part of being a content writer is being able to craft entertaining and shareable content that finds an audience. Regular content like this would mean that a good website would rise in search engine ranking results.

What is optimisation?

For content to be optimised it needs to focus on ‘keywords’. For example, the keywords for this website are ‘script writer for hire UK’. If you Google this term you should find my website high up on the first page of search. This has worked so well for me that I get regular screen writing work from all across the world.

Love of writing

As I love writing, I’ve decided to extend my services as content writer and blogger for hire to individuals and businesses across the UK.

I love writing all kinds of fresh, original and engaging content and of course you can see that I’m a specialist at writing for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.

You can hire me to write regular content for your website by contacting me on matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk – please mark your email ‘content’.

I’m based in Leeds in the UK (which is a digital centre in the UK), but I’m happy to chat to business owners and individuals about their content needs. I also have other digital skills which may be useful. Including, being an expert at building and optimising WordPress blog websites.

Don’t delay, get in touch now…

Matthew Cooper has been a script writer for hire for over 20 years. He’s written for most of the UK soaps, including writing award winning episodes of Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs and has been BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society nominated as a script writer. He also works as a content writer for hire and as a UK script consultant. You can find some of his broadcast credits on the IMDb. You can get in touch with Matthew on matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk