Script writing lecturer for hire

As a produced and broadcast script writer I often get asked to attend events to give talks on the screenwriting process.

Family Style
Family Style

I’m experienced at giving lectures that can last from one hour to a couple of weeks – including in-depth examinations of the screenwriting process. I’ve also led and delivered short film writing courses for the UK Film Council following on from training given by script writing guru Phil Parker.

I’ve written and published a bestselling (and well liked) book on soap opera script writing that was originally designed as a gift to students of one of my courses.

When I deliver a course or lecture I often use ‘real world’ documents from my time working in film and television including actual broadcast storyline and script documents from real life TV programmes.

If you’re interested in hiring me to talk or lecture on film and TV script writing please contact me for details on pricing and availability.

My email address is