Near Dark

20th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Near Dark is an early film by Kathryn Bigelow, who also directed Point Break. Once seen Near Dark is difficult to forget. This is mainly […]

From Beyond

20th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Ah the joys! Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond is a great little film. Very low budget, very odd, based on a seven page HP Lovecraft story […]


14th November 2015 @matcoop 0

I love Rounders, the script had been around for a while and apparently turned down by every studio that read it at least once. It’s […]

Tin Men

14th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Barry Levinson made a really good film about ‘the boys’ chatting. The film was called Diner and is worth seeing. However, he made another film […]

Mad Men

7th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Yep, it’s not a film, and it’s all the better for it. Mad Men is about the guys and gals who worked in the advertising […]

24 Hour Party People

1st November 2015 @matcoop 0

Something happened in Manchester starting in the late 1970s and going on right up to the late 90s. What happened was mostly orchestrated by a […]