Robby Muller (1940-2018)

As a UK script consultant and script writer for hire, I of course, watch a hell of a lot of movies, and I have done so, since I was very young.

Writers, aren’t really meant to know much about the camera, how it works, what to do with it, and when cameramen (and women) are talented or not.

Photography is an art, and cinematography is too. And in the days of Instagram and Facebook, we’re all taking photos all the time – and we can add filters, use PhotoShop and some of our snaps and selfies are pretty good. We’re all photographers now that we carry smart phones.

So, photography is possibly now the most accessible art form (and remember, those phones shoot video too).

So, I was sad recently to hear about the passing of one of my favourite cinematographers of all time.  One that inspired me to pick up a camera, more than anyone. I’m talking about Robby Muller.

So I could rattle on for hours about the films that Robby photographed, and how his style, and the look that he gave to those films had a massive imprint on me. But, instead, here’s a fan made YouTube video – a few minutes of some of the greatest photography cinema has ever seen.


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