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At The Mountains of Madness Film

As a leading scriptwriter for hire and UK script consultant I’ve had a ridiculously busy last 18 months – and one of the projects that came from the last year or so is my SECOND film as a director – the low budget H.P. Lovecraft adaptation – ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ (2021) which is due for release on DVD and Vimeo (VOD)at the end of this month.

The film was shot with a tiny cast and crew back in Dec 2020, and is the second in a trilogy of low budget horror films based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft – the first Markham (2020) was released last year.

We’re hoping to move onto the third film in the trilogy before the end of 2021, but things are still a bit up in the air due to all this pandemic awfulness which is about at the moment.

I’m pretty pleased with the new film for a number of reasons, apart from two great performances by Tony Coughlan and Ashe Russell – the film is also the most VFX of the trilogy so far, and these effects were achieved on a very low cost – and they work. As a director, this has been a great experience for me, and shows what can be achieved with low-fi VFX on a small budget.

Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself by watching the film when its released.  Of course the short story is famously Guillermo del Toro dream project – but he’s always struggled to get finance – we found the money for our version down the back of my sofa.

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Matthew Cooper has been a scriptwriter for hire, UK Script editor  and UK script consultant for over 20 years. He’s written for most of the UK soaps, including writing award-winning episodes of Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs and has been BAFTA shortlisted and Royal Television Society nominated as a script writer. His UK script coverage service, Script reading service and script development service are highly sought after.

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His directorial debut, the rubber reality horror thriller Markham was released in 2020 and was followed by ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ a second horror film in 2021. You can find out more about Matthew’s work as a director here.