Horror I have been watching

The Church (1989) is an enjoyable retro horror from the pen of the great Dario Argento, it’s recently been rereleased on glorious BluRay that really does justice to some of the great visual scenes in the film.

I watched it last night, and I’m on a bit of an Italian retro horror tip at the moment. This has all been kick started a few months ago when I stumbled into the realisation that I actually really enjoy the films of Lucio Fulci so, I’m gradually working my way through his back catalogue (which is great fun).

Speaking of retro horror, I also caught up with The Void earlier in the week. This film was made last year, but it harks back to the horror films of the 80s with splashy practical special effects and a Carpenteresque score and plot. I enjoyed the film, which has some elements of Lovecraft in there and there are even hints of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. It’s definitely one to re-watch.

I also caught up with Beyond the Gates which has a good premise but is actually pretty dull. Although it was nice to see Barbara Crampton again.

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