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UK Script Writer for hire
UK Script Writer for hire

As a UK script writer for hire I often spend my time rewriting other writer’s scripts. This week I’ve been looking at a first draft sitcom episode that’s really sparked my interest.

The script is written by an experienced producer and it’s his first shot at writing a screenplay.

Apart from some basic rookie script writing errors, the script is a first rate job and with a few pointers from me I think it has the potential to get picked up by a broadcaster.

If you have a script that you want to look at, get in touch with me on

I don’t do standard industry type script reading, I’m a little more creative than that. If you want a bog standard script report I suggest you look elsewhere. I’m a creative script writer and storyline writer. I’ll give you tips on how to get the most of what you’ve already got.

The most important thing with scriptwriting is to get someone with experience to read your work BEFORE you send it to production companies or broadcasters. And I don’t mean show the script to family or friends. You should always get someone with an experienced eye to look your work over to make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks for reading and get in touch if you need help.

Matthew Cooper has written for Emmerdale, Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs. He was winner of the first ever Lloyds Bank Channel Four Film Challenge and the Oscar Moore Screenplay Prize. His first short film starred a then unknown Ewan McGregor and was picked up by Channel Four when Matthew was 19 years old. He’s been a script writer for over 20 years.