Tin Men

14th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Barry Levinson made a really good film about ‘the boys’ chatting. The film was called Diner and is worth seeing. However, he made another film […]

Mad Men

7th November 2015 @matcoop 0

Yep, it’s not a film, and it’s all the better for it. Mad Men is about the guys and gals who worked in the advertising […]

Blue Collar

24th October 2015 @matcoop 0

Paul Shrader’s Blue Collar is on the few American films about real life working people. Set in Detroit in the 1970s the film follows three […]

Midnight Run

16th October 2015 @matcoop 0

The buddy movie was big thing back in the 80s and 90s. Good buddy movies have also sprinkled in with various other film genres throughout […]

Way of the Dragon

10th October 2015 @matcoop 0

Yes, a guilty pleasure. Way of the Dragon is my favourite Bruce Lee film. It’s also a film Bruce wrote and directed himself. Set in […]


10th October 2015 @matcoop 0

I’m a big football fan and support Leeds Utd. I also follow the Premier League very closely, and my brother is a big fan of […]

The Outsiders

3rd October 2015 @matcoop 0

Silly, but after writing about Rumblefish, I felt I had to write about The Outsiders. The two films were made back to back by Coppola, […]


3rd October 2015 @matcoop 0

We all love Francis, and I think his career is one of the closest to Welles’ in the modern day. Yet, Welles never gave up […]