Buy Markham DVD – Low budget Horror Film made in Whitby, Staithes, Skinningrove

The North Yorkshire coast is home to some stunning land and seascapes.  Which is why we made my low budget horror feature film there.  

Markham’ was shot in and around Whitby, and in the villages of Staithes and Skinningrove just a bit further up the coast.

Markham has become a very popular DVD in the area, it’s selling like Whitby hotcakes to be honest.  You can purchase the film here on my director website.  Just hit add to basket and a copy will come in the post pretty quickly.

Markham was almost entirely improvised with the actors, inspired some great locations in Staithes and the surrounding area, it’s based loosely on the short story ‘Shadow Over Innsmouth’ by H.P. Lovecraft.

Markham was shot in 2019 and 2020 on a low budget, and was initially released in 2020, The film has had some very good reviews – like the one here by David Dent a prominent horror reviewer (scroll down the pages to the section on ‘Markham’). He ends his review with one word ‘BRILLIANT’. 

Below are a couple of different trailers and images below showing some of the local area used in the film. Make sure you get your copy here on my director website.

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