Beat Street (1984) – thoughts of a Script Consultant UK

As a script writer for hire and UK script consultant I try and write about and highlight films that have great scripts, or original ideas. Some of the films I’ve written about are undisputed masterpieces, some are not – they’re just films that I personally like, or see something in.

Beat Street (1984) isn’t really a very good film. Bit what it is, now,  over 30 years after it was released, is a historical document – that captures a time and place, the music, the dance, the fashion, and the birth of movement (Hip Hop) which is still going strong today.

I saw this film, when I was about 11, it introduced me to the music of Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee,  Afrikia Bambaata & the Soul Sonic Force.  I started to breakdance (we all did).

The Bronx in New York was practically a bombsite at the time, and the film, while trying to stay optimistic, actually shows much of that. A lot of the poverty and toughness that Hip Hop came from features here.

I haven’t watched it in many years (but I own a copy) I do listen to the soundtrack a lot – I still adore Breakers Revenge (composed by the legendary Arthur Baker) and Melle Mel’s Beat Street Breakdown.  Anybody listening to those two tracks (even today) can understand why Hip Hop and B Boy culture captured the kids of the 80s attention.   Breakers Revenge to me still sounds amazing at high volume!

I’m 44 now, the last time I did some breakdancing (about two years ago) I broke a rib. These kids from the Bronx took old records, remixed and scratched them and added their own words.  They ripped it up and started again – it’s still inspiring me today.  This is proof that even not very good films, can become iconic.

So, while you might not want to watch the whole film – the highlight of Beat Street (for me is The Roxy Nightclub breakdance battle)  – it’s below from YouTube for your viewing pleasure…

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