StoryTerrace reviews – Ghost writers for hire UK

21st March 2022 @matcoop 0

Of course, the better the book is written and presented – the more likely the book will spike the interest of a film company or broadcaster – and often, having a book professionally ghost written is better than hiring a script writer for hire as legally, a published book is more likely to get read by a production company (or broadcaster like Netflix or Amazon) than an unsolicited screenplay, this because of very sound legal reasons.

I’d like to sell my series or story or script to Netflix

8th March 2022 @matcoop 0

Hey, as a UK script consultant and BAFTA shortlisted script writer for hire I get a surprising amount of emails from people with no industry experience who have decide that their idea, script or life story would make a great series on Netflix and that all they need to do is find a way of getting that idea, script or life story in front of the bigwigs at Netflix (or Amazon or the BBC). So, that they can agree what a fab story it is, while they hand over bundles of cash to get it made.