31st July 2016 @matcoop 0

Peter Yates was an English filmmaker who died back in 2011. One of his early films featured a chase sequence which was spotted by Steve […]

Mean Streets

30th July 2016 @matcoop 0

When Martin Scorsese wrote the screenplay of Mean Streets he was a struggling filmmaker with just a few low budget films and editing jobs to […]

At Close Range

23rd July 2016 @matcoop 0

As a UK script consultant I’ve often written scripts for clients that are based on true life stories. At Close Range from 1986 is a […]

They Live

17th July 2016 @matcoop 0

Stop wait, you mean I’ve never written a blogpost on They Live? Inconceivable, how did I overlook that? They Live was made back in 1988, […]


16th July 2016 @matcoop 0

Trumbo is a great film for writers and especially screenwriters. Following the later life of one of America’s greatest script writers for hire the film […]

Drugstore Cowboy

9th July 2016 @matcoop 0

In London Kills Me, a film set in the 90s about British druggies one of them comments that ‘druggies are boring, all the do is […]

Boogie Nights

2nd July 2016 @matcoop 0

When I first went to see Boogie Nights I expected something exploitive and titillating.  I think half of the people in the cinema did. I’d […]